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English is our mission - We are committed to providing the highest quality English language services for Hong Kong and Asia: We provide private English tuition, in-house company English tuition, corporate training, editing and proofreading services.

We have a wide range of courses customised to your exact learning needs. Learn what you need when you need it! Make rapid progress with 1-1 or small group lessons.

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For Individuals

Quality Private English Courses & Business Skills training

Our experienced, native English teachers and expert Business trainers use interactive methods to help you learn English quickly. We will work with you to discover your learning objectives, find your problems, build proficiency & activate your English. Read More

For Companies

Quality Corporate in-house Training Courses

Our Business English training courses develop the language skills and professional soft skills needed to enable your staff to perform better and become more productive. Read More

Learn English with a Native Tutor & Experienced Business Skills Teachers

About Us

We provide1 to 1 & Small Group English & Business Soft Skills Training Courses

Private native English teachers and tutors

We use proven methods to help you learn English the easy way with interesting, fun lessons. An tutor will work closely with you to discover your problems, build confidence and activate your English.

Our enjoyable 1 to 1 courses include social English, business English, business writing, oral English, listening and speaking, pronunciation, accent and intonation, English for presentations, , IELTS, TOEFL, exam preparation, academic English and preparation for study abroad. We also provide free resources for learning English. If you want to find an English tutor in Hong Kong contact us today! We are also looking to recruit ESL / EFL English teachers and tutors to staff our busy timetables.

Being able to communicate accurately and fluently in English is essential for effective study, career advancement, socialising and travel. Hong Kong's competitive international business environment means that a high standard of English is vital for success in your career. The most successful people in business in Hong Kong all have excellent English communication skills.

Traditional schools use the same course syllabus for every student, but at HKEnglish we design the course content around your specific learning needs. Every language student is different and each with their own strengths and weaknesses; Our 1 to 1 customised tuition ensures that your learning objectives are met rapidly in an efficient and interesting way.

Learn English with a Private Native Tutor

- We Put the “C for Correct” into Success

Career & Workplace Courses including one to one job interview skills and business presentation skills training. You will become more confident in using English, as well as improving your speaking, grammar and vocabulary. Every one of our courses include pronunciation, accent modification and grammar components so you can be sure that your written and oral English speaking is both fluent and accurate.

Since our courses are customised to your exact needs you will have rapid progress towards your learning objectives. Within the Business English course, for example, you may want to concentrate on improving your business writing to improve your grammar (tenses, functions, structures and use), vocabulary and sentence structure or perhaps focus on presentation or meeting skills. You will find it easier to succeed in work or in your studies, and have the confidence you need to speak and write clearly in English when communicating with foreigners. Learn how to pronounce English properly and speak fluently with our English pronunciation, intonation and accent reduction courses.

Our lessons are varied and interesting and cover all areas from social English conversation, business presentation skills, negotiation skills, business meeting skills, job interview skills and English writing . Our friendly tutors are all experienced native speakers.

Corporate Training

With our experienced corporate trainers we offer short, intensive "in-house" English Language and Business Soft Skills Coaching, Training & Development courses for individual staff members or small group,coaching to enable your key managers and top staff to perform more effectively. Training and development courses can be customised to your company’s exact needs. Course duration is flexible: we offer training sessions lasting from 2 hours to a whole day or multiple 2-hour long classes over several weeks.

Editing, Proofreading & Writing

Our expert editorial team provide editing, copy writing, proofreading and correction services of all types of documents in Hong Kong including brochures, business plans, business reports, manuals, marketing, customer letters, sales letters, advertising copy, press releases, resumes and cv's, academic papers, research papers, and academic essays. We ensure a quick and accurate turnaround to increase your sales and profits. HKEnglish supports Plain English.

Learn English Easily and Talk To The World with HK English!

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