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Ian Nock
CEO, Director of Studies and Senior Business Coach

Ian Nock has a unique vision for the future of language services and communication skills training in Asia.

Ian Nock’s multi-faceted entrepreneurial career spans Business Consultancy, Business Communication, Healthcare, IT and Education. With years in experience in clinical pharmacy in the UK and as Chief Pharmacist at the renowned Matilda Hospital, he later moved to become Director of Medical Technology at eHealthcareAsia where he created and ran consumer and B-B internet portals for this listed health care company.

His entrepreneurial flair led him to set up his own business consultancy focusing on helping foreign based businesses become established in China. Seeing the need for improved communication skills in the global marketplace, he later started HKEnglish.Com. And in the middle of all this he found time to teach in major universities.

Ian’s people-focused acumen now focuses on the development of English language business communication skills to Asian executives, as well as corporate language and communication skills training solutions.

He has provided business skills coaching to numerous organisations in Asia, including multi-national banks, financial institutions, technology, legal and accounting firms. His decades in Asia contribute to Ian’s strengths in building bridges between businesses in China and those who want to flourish there.

His premise for life is to help people and at the head of HKEnglish.Com he is successfully achieving this every day. He enjoys travel and photography.

Tony Steel
English Language Teacher & Business Skills Coach

Tony has over 20 years teaching experience in various parts of the world. He receives outstanding feedback for his teaching, his interaction with students and knowledge of the subject matter. He is a popular teacher who students like and trust. His students have included engineer officers of the Italian Army, staff of Turkish Airlines and dealers at Macau casinos.

In Hong Kong, he has taught at various universities for over 10 years and also trained and examined for the English Proficiency Assessment for Teachers of English. He has extensive experience in corporate training and has led business skills courses at the Royal Bank of Scotland, The Peninsular Hotel and SWIFT to name a few. Tony has also led training programmes for teachers of English on the Mainland.

He has extensive experience as an IELTS trainer. In addition, he has been a BULATS examiner and TOEFL trainer.

He considers himself: an accomplished photographer (his former profession); a competent boat builder (though they usually sink!), and an expert crossword solver (because he knows the language).

A resident of Hong Kong for nearly twenty years, Tony has a Masters degree in Applied Linguistics from Macquarie University, Sydney, and holds language teaching qualifications from RSA (Cambridge), UK.

John Telfer
Senior Business Skills Trainer & English Language Communications Consultant

John has over 15 years experience in Business English Communication and Business Skills Training.

He started off his career in South East Asia in the 1980s when he moved from England to teach Business English to adults. After a short period, John relocated to Hong Kong where he took up a senior management position.

After a distinguished career in management, John joined one of the world’s largest companies specialising in global business skills training. John has been a Senior Business Skills Trainer with HKEnglish for over two years and his specialty is personalised business coaching for senior executives. He is an expert in the field of Business Presentation Skills and Public Speaking.

Barbara Yenson
Business Skills Trainer & English Teacher


Barbara has 25 years of private banking experience in international banks such as Citibank, Chase Manhattan Bank, HSBC and Barclays based in Hong Kong. Barbara’s role as a manager not only required good interpersonal skills for general management but also included mentoring and coaching team members in best practices when dealing with private banking clients.

From her experience as a manager and on the marketing side, Barbara sees one of the most important criteria for success in the corporate world is good communications skills. Barbara has mentored in areas such as presentation and communication skills, business English, customer service and complaints and the need for integrity and due diligence.

Hong Kong is an international city with many international banks and companies with a need for excellent communications skills. Barbara, with her international background and experience in the financial workforce understands the difficulties Asian executives face using English in the corporate world. Barbara looks forward to working with clients to enable them to achieve communication competence in English in their own fields/disciplines and to develop their interest to learn independently so that they can attain even more accuracy and concision in speaking English.

Since retiring from the banking field, Barbara has focused on her other interest, education.
Barbara has taught English as a second/foreign language in various local schools and the Institute of Vocational Education. Barbara has proved herself to be a very personal individual who is capable of achieving high student satisfaction by adapting materials to suit her teaching requirements and to meet students’ needs. In addition, as a competent Cantonese speaker, Barbara is familiar with the difficulties Cantonese speakers have with the English language and is able to address these issues early on enabling more efficient learning.
Barbara has particular interest in English in the workplace and Persuasive Communication.

Barbara has a BA (Honours) in Accountancy, a MBA in Finance/International Business from New York University, a North American Montessori Teaching Diploma and a Cert. TESOL (Trinity).
In her free time she enjoys hiking, the theatre and travelling.

Don Campbell
English Teacher & Business Skills Trainer


Don has over 12 years experience coaching and developing business leadership of all levels in presenting business concepts to a global audience. With the majority of the past 15 years spent in Asia he is well acquainted with the challenges facing business leaders communicating with European and American counterparts. In business, communication is paramount in achieving success as well as communicating already achieved successes effectively. His experience as Global Performance Manager for a major U.S. financial software company was to define and overcome any and all issues hindering success of business partners between Asia, Europe and America. With the majority of issues related to communication breakdown on various levels he is well equipped to coach leaders to avoid the pitfalls and enhance the skills necessary to achieve business goals.

He draws on experience teaching secondary school in the U.S., as a certified facilitator in Front Line Leadership Development and as a corporate trainer/coach to help clients develop skills necessary to communicate on a global level to achieve a competitive edge in a global marketplace.

Don is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt accustomed to presenting complex issues in a logical and understandable manner. He also has significant experience in Appreciative Inquiry as a business development/change mechanism.

Don is also a photographer focusing on documenting cultural concepts and everyday life in various parts of the world. His work appears in several travel books published globally. He is an avid motorcyclist and has ridden his 350cc Royal Enfield across India photographing along the way.

Don received his Ph.B. degree from Thomas Jefferson College at Grand Valley State University Allendale Michigan and holds a TEFL Certification – TEFL 247.

Richard Chan
English Teacher

Richard Chan Hong Kong HKEnglish

Born and raised in England for over 20 years Richard Chan has always considered English to be his strong point, having achieved A’s in GCSE English and A-level English.

Richard graduated with a 2.1. Degree in English Language and Literature from the renowned University of Liverpool, U.K. He possesses two teaching qualifications: a CELTA (Certificate in English language teaching to adults) issued by Cambridge university and a Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Distinction) making him a fully qualified secondary school teacher in Hong Kong.

Having moved to Hong Kong in 2007 with a goal to provide good quality education to any student he met, Richard went on to teach English in different secondary schools for over 4 years where he encountered a wide range of students with diverse learning difficulties. In 2013, he worked in Bangkok for a a year as an English lecturer at Kasem Bundit University where he taught a wide range of students from various cultural backgrounds.

He has developed the belief that every student should be treated as an individual, and therefore it is the teacher’s responsibility to be able to adapt to suit the needs of whichever student he/she may encounter. At HKEnglish he is able to pass on this belief to provide a totally customised learning environment for his students. He is highly sought after and has a loyal following. Richard is dedicated to helping his student improve their English language skills.

Aileen Valentine
English Teacher & Business Skills Trainer


Aileen has been teaching English since 1995 to students of all ages in the UK, US, Greece and now Hong Kong She has experience of both British and American English. Her students like her way of teaching as she does not just teach from a book, as she interjects her experiences of travelling around the world as part of her lessons. Her students have ranged from children as young as 3 to adults in the business world.

In Hong Kong, Aileen has taught in kindergarten, primary and secondary schools as well as teaching adults. She has also trained local teachers in Macau to help them with teaching English. She has helped students with oral, grammar, writing and reading and also includes IELTS and DSE. She also likes to make the lessons fun, innovative and interactive.

As for her spare time, Aileen is an avid reader and likes to hike around Lantau, travel and explore Asia .

She has been living in Hong Kong for 8 years now and loves the vibrancy of the city that is Hong Kong. She feels that English is very important for people in Hong Kong and always tries to help students achieve their very best.

Aileen has a B.A. in Sociology as well as a TEFL and TESOL.

Ann Carver
Business Skills Trainer

Ann Carver 2

Anne Carver is a legal expert in company and business law with over 25 years of teaching and training experience in Academia and Professional Consultancy. She was a Senior Lecturer at The University of Hong Kong until 2004. In 2005 she joined the new Law School at Chinese University of Hong Kong as one of the founding teachers and administrators. She has taught Company law, Commercial law, Business law and Law & Ethics to both undergraduates and graduate students alike.

Anne has complete commercial independence and is interested in Business and Legal English in the Hong Kong workplace. She is the author of Hong Kong Business Law (6th edition) and is the co-author of Corporate Governance-the Hong Kong Debate (with Say Goo). She is writing a Corporate Governance Manual for the Hong Kong Institute of Chartered Secretaries. She is also preparing a new book on Risk Management for Company Directors and the new 7th edition of Hong Kong Business Law.

Recently she has delivered Continuing Professional Development Courses on risk management , directors’ duties , business ethics corporate governance and issues in business law. She is particularly interested in making law accessible to non–lawyers as part of their tools in the workplace for negotiating, drafting and communicating in business English.

With decades of teaching experience, Anne is an extremely skilled Law communications trainer with deep understanding of the needs on non-native English speakers. She is highly regarded in the local and international law community. She specialises in teaching Legal English Writing for lawyers, barristers and para-legal staff though she can teach any facet of the law itself to trainee solicitors or other legal related staff such as company secretaries or business executives who need a deeper understanding of the law for their day to day activities.

Cultural Studies Coaches
Laisee Wong
Chinese Translator and Calligraphy Teacher


Miss Laisee Wong is an expert translator in the field of Chinese to English translation. She provides customised writing services for both individuals and companies.

She also gives One to one Chinese Calligraphy Lessons in Hong Kong(HK). Miss Wong has held annual exhibitions at the HK City Hall for many years and has won international awards for her stunning calligraphy art masterpieces. She is an experienced calligraphy coach for all levels of students from beginners to advanced.

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