Executive English & Business Soft Skills Coaching

We provide personalised, executive English Language & Business English Skills training for key Corporate Management: CEOs, CFOs, COOs, General Managers, Presidents and Vice Presidents etc.

Our experienced trainers will work with your senior staff member to build their English language skills to enable them to communicate confidently and effectively in English.

Industry Specific Content

We tailor the content of our training to your industry and to your purpose e.g. socialising with overseas clients or giving a public speech at an international event.

Flexible Schedules

We understand how busy your Senior Executives are and so we are extremely flexible when it comes to scheduling the training sessions. You determine the frequency and location.

Training Topics Include

  • Giving Public Speeches
  • Successful Negotiations
  • Socialising
  • Writing important emails
  • Critical business negotiations

Experienced Native English Trainers

Our trainers have years of experience in management training and will customise our courses to your company's exact requirements and training objectives. They are highly flexible and able to adapt their teaching to the needs of the individual or staff groups on an ongoing basis.

Coaching Methods

We use interactive, practice based training methods to ensure rapid success.


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