Business English Writing Course - One to One

Designed to enable your staff members to write clearly and effectively in English with correct grammar.
Being able to write business documents in English in Hong Kong's competitive international business environment is essential. Our Business Writing Program is designed to quickly improve your staffs’ English writing.

Course Code : BEW10 HK (Hong Kong)

Aims of the Course

The aim is to enable your staff member to write clear, effective business emails, reports and letters in English, as well as building their English grammar and industry specific English vocabulary. Participants will learn how to organise documents logically and write clearly in Plain English quickly. The Business English Writing Course will teach your staff member how to communicate your important company messages in English.

Teaching Methods

This is a 1 on 1 course customised to your organisation and staff member’s actual needs We will do an in=depth analysis of your staff members difficulties and their strengths - including a diagnostic grammar test designed to isolate specific grammar problems. Next we will ask your staff to do a sample piece of writing and also analyse that. Finally the tutor will draft a customised teaching plan for your staff member’s development.

All our tutors at HK-English are friendly, experienced, and internationally qualified native speakers.

English Writing Course Materials

The Business English Course (Code BEW-10HK) course uses professional customised teaching materials as well as text books and videos designed to help you improve your business writing skills quickly and effectively. . You are encouraged to bring in your own business emails, reports or other English documents as materials for use within the course.

Native English Tutors

All our tutors are very experienced, mature native English speakers - many of whom have worked in business themselves. They understand exactly what skills you need in order to succeed.

Teaching Venue

The course is held at your office .

Written Business English Syllabus**

  • Format of business English documents
  • Business Email language and structure
  • Formal and informal business emails
  • Letters requesting specific information
  • Informational letters and sales promotion leaflets
  • Using plain English in business
  • Content, organisation and structure of business documents
  • Business Grammar and industry specific vocabulary
  • Emails
  • Reports
  • Letters
  • Memos

**(Note: the actual topics taught will be based on your organisation’s objectives and the trainee’s abilities)

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