Corporate English Pronunciation, Accent & Intonation Course Hong Kong

Designed to enable your staff members to be confident in communicating in spoken English with clear pronunciation and accent.

Course Code : CPRON HK (Hong Kong)

Being able to communicate accurately and speak fluently in English is not only essential in Hong Kong's international business environment but also for socialising with clients at business dinners, etc. The most successful people in business and society in Hong Kong today have one thing is common: excellent English communication skills.’s interactive, interesting courses will take your key employee’s communication skills to the next level.

Pronunciation Course Content

The course focuses on helping your staff member to speak English fluently, correctly and concisely for work and business social situations and get their message across effectively and confidently. The trainers will teach the correct pronunciation of common and industry specific language with appropriate tone and intonation along with clear accent The course will also develop your staff member’s English grammar skills as well as extending their vocabulary.

Teaching Methods

This is a one-to-one course customised to your organisation’s training objectives and your staff member’s language needs. We do an in-depth IPA pronunciation test. We proceed to design a customised learning plan to improve on the areas of greatest difficulty. Accent enhancement is a key part of this course.

Native English Trainers

All our trainers are friendly, internationally qualified, experienced, native speakers. We will give help, instant feedback and guidance on how to pronounce words specific for your industry e.g. investment banking, insurance, law and general business management.

Suitable For

The course is suitable for key local Hong Kong and mainland executives and senior managers as well as other foreign staff that have been relocated to your Hong Kong office. It is very beneficial for executives who have to travel overseas on business trips or this who participate in video conference calls.

IPA Training Materials

The course uses professional customised teaching materials as well as text books and video resources designed to help your staff improve your pronunciation quickly and effectively.

Training Venue

The English Pronunciation, Accent and Intonation Course is held on-site at your office.

Pronunciation, Intonation and Accent Reduction Syllabus

• In-Depth Pronunciation Testing and analysis
• Pronunciation Techniques: how to properly use your jaw, mouth and tongue
• Phonetic alphabet
• Specific focus on your major pronunciation problems
• Correct articulation & Rhythm
• Intonation
• Accent reduction for clear speech
• Stress Patterns at word and sentence level
• Combining words clearly

Practice Modules

• Conversation Questions and Phrases
• Correct Pronunciation of vocabulary for your line of business or industry
• Being Polite
• Using 'natural' English
• Social English
• Using English persuasively for results
• Tongue Twisters

After this course your staff will be able to

Communicate effectively in English with clear pronunciation both in work and social situations.


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