One-to-One Staff English & Business Soft Skills Training Courses in Hong Kong

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Helping Your Staff Perform Better and Your Training Program Be a Success

  • Do you have an important member of staff who you wish could perform a little better?
  • Is communicating in English a problem for them?
  • Have their job duties changed needing them to communicate in English more often?
  • Does your staff member need to improve their English Pronunciation or Business English Writing for them to communicate effectively with your local or headquarters staff ?
  • Do they have to give important Presentations or handle difficult Negotiations?

Our Quality One-to-One Training can rapidly help them improve and your organisation reach your training needs.

Every employee is different so we design Customised Language and Business Skills Training Courses for your staff member’s specific training needs.

One to One English Language Training

One to One Business Soft Skills Training

Our individual one-to-one staff training programs will quickly bring them up to scratch and for you to enjoy the benefits of their enhanced communications performance to improve your productivity and profits.

Since this is one-to-one tuition your staff member has 100% of the trainer's time with immediate correction and feedback. It is the most cost effective solution for rapid improvement of English for your important staff.

Native English Tutosr & Business Skills Trainers

All our corporate English teachers and trainers have extensive experience in corporate training and are internationally qualified English teachers who will develop your staff’s English skills to their full potential.

Invest in your staff - Contact Us Today for A Quotation or Call our Hotline 2916 8887



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