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We offer a wide range of English Language Writing Services in Hong Kong for companies and individuals.
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Corporate Writing

Do you want to develop your corporate website to attract more customers? Do you need to write effective social media and Linkedin profiles for yourself or your company? We can help you draft, edit, proof-read and write powerful English documents included SEO optimised copy for your website, An experienced, professional English writer will be assigned to your project and work with you from the planning stage to final publication.

Our writers include native English journalists with experience in a wide range of specialised areas such as finance, banking, financial services and investments. Many are published internationally in newspapers such as The Financial Times, Business Jet Interiors International, Flight Magazine and Forbes.

We also have specialised associate writers in divers business fields such as Semiconductor fabrication, Biotech, Medicine, Pharmacy, Pharmaceuticals and Marine Engineering.

Type of documents include:

  • Website Page Content (SEO - Search Engine Optimised for Google, Yahoo and Bing)
  • Press Releases
  • Magazine Articles
  • Newsletters
  • Social media: Facebook Corporate Pages, Google +, LinkedIn,
  • Annual Reports
  • Brochures and Leaflets
  • Youtube, TV and Radio print advertising copy
  • Brand awareness and branding strategy copy
  • Copy writing for corporate communications
  • Promotional copy
  • Corporate video scripting

Writing for Individuals

We can help you write a variety of documents in English such as:
  • Professional Resumes, CV’s and covering letters
  • Job Applications School Application. appeal letters for HK primary or secondary Schools
  • Emails
  • Personal Statement Letters for University or Post-graduate degree course entrance
  • UK UCAS Degree Course Application Letters & letters to arrange student accommodation
  • Hong Kong University Application Letters and Personal Statements
  • Business Presentations and scripts for Public Speaking

English Editing

Our professional editors can refine your draft English documents with quick turnaround time and affordable costs.

English Proofreading

We can proof-read all types of English documents from Company Brochures to your Academic Thesis or research project. No job is too small (or too big) for us.

Clients Include

Company clients include major multi-national Corporations and Investment Banks, Hong Kong Universities, Academic Faculty members (professors) from Hong Kong or overseas, Internationally Published Magazines and transport service operators.

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