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Interviews! Who likes them? Almost everybody hates this extremely challenging life event. Unfortunately, interviews are a fact of life: we all have to endure them - even kindergarten and primary school students these days.

It could be
  • your very first job interview
  • a promotion interview for a senior position within your company
  • a career path move to another profession
  • an entrance interview for boarding school or University overseas in the UK, Australia, Canada or the USA etc can help you get ready to succeed whatever type of interview you have coming up .

Our courses give you one on one practical interview skills training and practice Questions and Answers for Job Interviews and University, School or College Entrance Interviews.

You will learn the English language and practical skills for you to be able to perform your best. Difficult questions will become easy to answer! You will be more confident and less nervous.

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Academic English Tutorial Classes

Academic English Tutor
English for Further Study Courses
Essay & Report Writing Class
University Thesis Writing Tutorials

Business and Career English

Business English Courses
Advanced Business English
Business English Writing
Email English Writing Course
English for Finance & Banking Training
Legal English (ILEC) Exam Certificate Course
Negotiation Skills Workshop (Hong Kong Only)
Presentation Skills Training Workshop (HK & Asia)

Interview Skills Preparation Courses

Interview Skills Courses
Job Interview Skills Training
HK Immigration Officer Interview Preparation
Hong Kong Police Inspector Interview Class
University & School Interviews Tutorials

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