IELTS Test Preparation Course 備試課程 HK

Course Code : IE10 HK (Hong Kong Stream)

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After this course you will: Be confident in taking the IELTS English exam in Hong Kong nd get the test score you deserve.


The IELTS exam (International English Language Testing Scheme) is the most widely used English test in the world - including Hong Kong - used for university entrance and job application screening as well as immigration. Exams are held in Hong Kong every week on HK Island and in Kowloon.

Learn IELTS Quickly in Hong Kong with HK English

This Intensive course will get you up to speed with the exam structure FAST and focus on the areas that you want to improve quickly e.g. The Writing or Speaking papers plus test tips and exact strategies for success in the IELTS exam.


Expert IELTS Tutors in HK

Learn IELTS fast with an expert HK-English IELTS tutor. All our IELTS teachers are all friendly, experienced Native English Tutors 教師 and include IELTS examiners (IELTS考官 ). Our IELTS 導師 tutors have years of experience in tutoring students and will show you special techniques to improve your performance in the test as well as improving your overall English standard quickly and easily.

1-1 IELTS Classes at times suitable to you

You may choose your class schedule during the daytime or at night on either weekdays or at weekends. We are open from 9am to 10pm.

We also cater for small groups so you may come along with your friends and have lessons together.

HKEnglish.Com's one to one private tuition is the best way to improve you exam scores quickly. You get 100% attention from the teacher and instant feedback on your mistakes. One hour of our 1-to-1 tuition is like 20 hours in a big class.

Our quality course includes a free English placement test at the start of your course and extensive practice IELTS homework exercises with feedback.

HKEnglish IELTS Course Outline

This intensive customised preparation course focuses on in depth practice of the four major sections of the test to improve your score results FAST. Your lessons will focus on:

IELTS Speaking Paper:

Interview practice and exchanging information. Talking confidently about specific topics and non-verbal communication. Expressing your opinion clearly and discussion tactics. Regular practice interviews, individual talks and discussions.

IELTS Listening Paper:

Identifying specific information, using questions as guides, finding the opinion of the speakers, practicing IELTS style listening exercises.

IELTS Reading Paper:

Finding the main ideas in a passage, matching headings with paragraphs, skimming & scanning for specific information, identifying facts & opinions, writing summaries.

IELTS Writing Paper:

Describing graphs and tabular data, describing a process, expressing your opinion and argumentative style essays. Practice IELTS writing exercises with personal feedback.

Learn IELTS FAST in Hong Kong

Our expert native teachers will quickly teach you how to improve your IELTS test score FAST. We focus on the specific Papers that are important to you e.g. work on the IELTS writing and speaking papers only so you don't waste time on the areas that you are already good at e.g. the listening test.

Get The Score You Want - Grade 6, 7 or 8 ?

Do you want a grade 7 or a grade 8 in IELTS? HK English’s expert IELTS tutor can help you get the grace you need. Most universities request a minimum overall score of 6.5 for undergraduate courses and 7 or 7.5 for post-graduate Masters degrees or PhD research projects.

The Law Society of Hong Kong

demands a minimum test score of 7.0 for admission into their Postgraduate Certificate in Laws Course which is run by the Chinese University of Hong Kong, The University of Hong Kong, Chinese University of Hong Kong & The City University of Hong Kong.

In addition, fluency, pronunciation, English grammar and vocabulary development is a key part of every HK course. Individual attention means you will get rapid improvement in all these areas and get the highest mark that you deserve.

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IELTS Test and Introductory Lessons (Wanchai Centre)

We run regular

IELTS Introductory training lessons

. Call or email us for more details and schedules.

Need Rapid Results? Try our Intensive IELTS Preparation Course

Are you planning to enter university or college? Get ready quickly - the easy way! This specialised course focuses on developing academic English skills for studying at university level in Hong Kong or abroad (Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA or United Kingdom) whilst preparing you to get the grade you need. We also provide one to one English courses to prepare you for your university admission / entrance /scholarship interviews and presentations.

IELTS Exam Workshop for Adults & Job Applications

Looking for a new job in Hong Kong? Thinking of moving to the HK Civil Service or other HK Government Department (Immigration, Customs, Police)? We can help you prepare for the IELTS exam quickly and teach you Job Interview Skills get your dreamt job.

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The Advantage

Customised courses * Individual tuition
Skilled native English tutors
Effective Exam practice * Fast results
Flexible time schedules * Make up classes

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