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With over 28000 Police Officers the Hong Kong Police force protects its citizens, businesses and visitors and makes it one of the world’s safest places to live. In 2011 there were 2265 Police Inspectors and the force of has an ongoing recruitment process.

For such a challenging job the interview screening process has to be very stringent and comprises 7 parts over 3 to 4 months:

HK Immigration Officer Interview Format

  1. Application & Screening Test
  2. Written Exam - English & Chinese Language Tests, Basic Law and Aptitude Test
  3. Extended Interview - English Impromptu Talk and English Syndicated Discussion plus Management Leadership
  4. Psychometric Test - Emotional and Personality Test
  5. Final Board Interview - Panel Interview by Senior Police Officers (In English, Cantonese and Mandarin).
  6. Physical Fitness Test: Sit-Ups, Squats, Running, Jumping
  7. Medical Check Up and Personal Background Integrity Check
  8. Final Selection: Police Force Review Board will examine your application results

Hong Kong Police Inspector Interview Skills Training Course - Course Code: POL-HK

Aims & Objectives of the training

The aim of this enjoyable, short training course is to give intensive interview skills training for Parts 3 and 5 of the HK Police Inspector selection process.

Teaching Methods

The format is One to One coaching with experienced, professional native English careers trainers in Hong Kong. Sessions are practice based and focused on perfecting your performance and confidence. We will teach you how to communicate clearly in English with proper pronunciation, grammatically correct sentences and the right selection of vocabulary as well as effective body language.

Part 2: Written English Language Test

We provide one-to-one training for the General English Test & the Task Paper Essay including grammar, organisation, tone & essay writing methodology.

Part 3: The Extended Interview

We provide Intensive, one-to-one training for the Extended Interview which critically tests your oral English language skills under pressure.

Impromptu Talk

In this part of the interview you will be given random English words and have to choose a topic within 5 seconds. Then you have to give an oral presentation in English for 3 minutes.

Our skilled Interview Trainers will teach you how speak confidently, creatively and successfully in this difficult section with intensive practice and instant video feedback. You will learn to give instant, interesting short presentation-like talks on a wide variety of subjects.

Syndicated Discussion

This is a short group discussion on current topical issues. It comprises an Introduction, Main Discussion and Conclusion.

Our trainers will teach you the English language skills needed to clearly express your opinions with the use argumentative discussion language in a firm but polite way

Part 5: The Final Interview Board

You will be interviewed face to face by a group of Senior Immigration Officers in a panel format. Your ability to express yourself in English is extremely important.

We will teach you how to confidently answer easy interview questions such as “Why do you want to become an immigration officer?” as well as more difficult questions.

HKEnglish’s trainers will give you in-depth question and answer practice under interview-situation like stress to enable you to perform effectively in this critical part of the selection process.

Police Inspector Interview Workshop - Course Registration

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Optional Additional Training Modules to boost your Career in the Police Force

Continue Improving After the Course Finishes

  • We will give you a video of your recorded interviews for you to keep, plus
  • A comprehensive Job Interview Skills Manual to help you develop the skills you have learnt even further
  • Plus Free Follow-Up support by telephone and email.
  • You can also sign up for additional job interview coaching sessions and pay by the hour
  • Customised one-to-one English Tuition to help you settle in to your new job

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