English For Further Study in Hong Kong or Overseas Course

ACADEMIC ENGLISH COURSE For Study at School, College or University Course

Venue: Hong Kong

After this course you will be able to: study more effective and efficiently, You will be able to plan and write different types of academic essays with references, give effective oral presentations and discuss topics in tutorial groups, lecturers or with fellow students.

Course Code : AE10 HK

Being able to study and communicate well in English is a skill that is essential for your success at school and University in Hong Kong or overseas. The most successful students always have excellent English. Studying abroad at boarding school, college or university in England UK, Europe, America, Australia or New Zealand is a further challenge for most students coming from Hong Kong because their mother tongue is Cantonese/Chinese. They are faced with massive amounts of complex reading material as well as having to compete against native English speakers.

Academic English Course Syllabus

The content of this intensive course is to enable you effectively handle your academic studies in school, college and university in Hong Kong or overseas as well as in your future career. You will learn how to write essays, dissertations and theses effectively, as well as improving your grammar and vocabulary. Thesis structure and referencing systems (Harvard & APA) are taught in-depth. Strategies for rapid reading are also included. You will also gain confidence in speaking English in an academic context and understand what foreigners (students and lecturers) are saying more easily.

Teaching Methods

This is a one-to-one course customized to your actual needs. You have some English study skills already so we start off by analyzing your skills and finding out what your learning objectives are. We then design a customised syllabus to improve on the areas where you need most attention in order for you to learn and improve quickly.

Native English Tutors

Your native English teacher will give feedback and guidance in all English study skill areas and you will be encouraged to develop your own essay writing focusing on your actual needs and study situation. For students studying overseas some social English is included if required to help you settle into your new home country. If you are a post-graduate student in Hong Kong you can choose to concentrate on how to write your dissertation/theses and are welcome to bring in your thesis for evaluation and editing.

Tutorial Materials

The course uses HKEnglish.com’s own customised resources, text books, internet and video resources.

Teaching Venue


English For Further Study Course

is held at our

Wanchai Training Centre

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