Essay Writing for School, College and University Course

Venue: Hong Kong

After this course you will:
Be able to write academic essays more effectively and efficiently, You will be able to plan and write different types of academic essays quickly with references, quotations and paraphrases.

Course Code: AES10 HK

English Essay Writing Course Syllabus

The aim of this course is to enable you to write essays as well as improving your academic grammar and vocabulary. For university students, referencing systems (Harvard & APA) are taught in-depth. For school students in Hong Kong there is emphasis on essay writing for the HKDSE, A level and IB exams. Theory of Knowledge (TOK) essay writing is our speciality.

You will gain confidence in writing and organising English essays and how to avoid plagiarism. For those students studying at boarding school overseas in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or England, UK there is emphasis on regional examining board requirements for A-levels, IB, etc.

Tutorial Methods

This is a 1-1 course tailored to your learning goals. We will test your English at the beginning of the course and then create a learning plan for you. You will learn how to write accurate, descriptive, narrative and argumentative essays. English grammar, vocabulary and essay organisation are included along with referencing systems for writing bibliographies.

Native English Tutors - Experienced with HK Students

Your native English teacher will give feedback and guidance on your writing and regular homework will be set. When you bring in your essay the teacher will correct it and give detailed feedback on how you can improve both your grammar and writing style to the best possible standard for the task being undertaken..

Teaching Materials

The course uses professional customised materials as well as essay text books. You are encouraged to bring in your own past or current essays or English projects as materials for use within the course.

Course Schedule

This course last ten hours and consists of 8 lessons. Courses can be extended for an extra 4 lessons immediately after the initial course has finished or at a later date. We can also provide distance English learning via SKYPE if you are already abroad or if you need assistance after you have left Hong Kong

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