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Our Academic English courses are designed to improve your English language proficiency and academic skills needed to study effectively in English at school, college or university in Hong Kong (HK) or overseas.

Quality Academic English Courses with Private Native English Tutors and Teachers

Lessons are intensive, fast-paced and allow you to improve quickly to meet your learning goals. You will receive written homework assignments and get detailed feedback on how to improve your English proficiency.

Academic English Key Study Skill Areas

  • Academic essay writing
  • Lecture note taking
  • Academic listening
  • Reading comprehension and speed reading
  • Report & Project writing
  • Oral presentations
  • Academic research and referencing systems (APA, Harvard etc)
  • Critical analysis of texts
  • Group discussions

Academic English Courses

  • Expert English Exam Preparation: IELTS, TOEFL, HKDSE, GRE, FCE (Cambridge First Certificate), CAE (Cambridge Advanced), CPE (Cambridge Proficiency).
  • Academic English for school & university
  • University & Boarding School Entrance Interview Preparation
  • How to write English academic essays
  • Post Graduate Dissertation and University Thesis writing course
  • Preparation for further study abroad / overseas at University, College or Boarding School.

Native English Tutors

All our friendly English Teachers are very experienced, mature native English speakers - many of whom have worked in renowned universities. They understand exactly what skills you need in order to succeed and will give help, instant feedback and guidance focusing on your actual academic English writing needs in your current or future course in Hong Kong or overseas.

All courses include an in-depth English grammar test and specific revision of grammar points that need improvement.

Studying overseas in English is very difficult if you are non-native speaker. You have to compete with local students who have studied all their lives in English and know the language as their mother tongue. By having lessons with an experienced native tutor you can bring your English standard up to scratch and prepare yourself for further study properly. Even if you are going to study at one of Hong Kong’s universities you will benefit greatly by taking one of our courses.

For University, College or School entrance you should also consider our IELTS (International English Language Testing System) or TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) preparation courses which will give you the techniques and tips to gain higher marks in these important exams.

Last, but not least, you should think about taking one of our University, School or College Entrance Interview Skills Course. This will give you invaluable skills to perform your best in these difficult screening interviews and get into the universe of your choice to study the course of your dreams!

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