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Learn Mandarin Chinese - With Stephen Lee, Chinese Course Director

The marketplace is inundated with private instructors and coaching organisations; this makes finding an effective Mandarin Chinese tutor difficult.

Standard Chinese Lessons are Ineffective

Many tutors will try to sell an ‘off-the-shelf’ lesson at a bargain price or a ‘made-to-order’ lesson (devoid of your input) for an increased fee. However, the right tutor for you will effectively design lessons that meet your personal goals for learning Mandarin. The right tutor for you will want to learn more about you to understand your objectives for learning Mandarin, your past learning experiences, your present language skills, and your future ambitions for studying Mandarin Chinese. Your lessons should be student centred not tutor centred.

Commonly asked questions and concerns:

I don’t know any Mandarin Chinese – will your lessons be too hard for me?

I have personal experience of building confidence and competence in this challenging but exciting language from the most basic level. I can help beginners and novice learners to master basic Mandarin, in order to enjoy everyday conversation and social networking.

I need to improve my Chinese conversation with work colleagues - will your lessons be too easy for me?

I have over 35 years of experience in the Chinese commercial world working with several multinational corporations, including Kras Asia, Possehl Electrtonics, and Daitotusin Telecommunications. I can help intermediate learners to develop more advanced Mandarin, in order to deal with co-workers as well as customers, suppliers, and other business associates.

I want to be an effective and persuasive speaker of Chinese. I also want to be able to influence Chinese people on the business front.

I have extensive firsthand experience in sales and marketing. I have shared this experience by organizing and leading management training events in sales, marketing, presentations, and negotiation skills. I have applied these skills to joint venture mediations as well as dealings with high government officials. I can help advanced learners to achieve exceptional Mandarin, in order to effectively influence Chinese business people.

Chinese tutor teaches Mandarin to an English learner – will your English skills hinder my Chinese lessons?

I am fluent in English. I successfully completed my first and masters’ degrees in Great Britain. The nature of my work brings me into contact with customers and suppliers from around the world on a daily basis. English is the common language which forms the basis of our international relations. My bilingual skills are at your service to effectively customize your Mandarin lessons for your specific needs.

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