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English Language Courses

One To One Lessons
We understand that your English learning needs are unique and special. So HK English.Com’s tutors provide customised 1 to 1 English lessons for YOUR specific learning needs. Our courses guarantee effective, quick progress and ensuring that your goals are reached. You can even mix topics within your lessons:-for example mix Social English with Business Presentation Skills. With 1 to 1 tuition its up to you.

Experienced Private English Tutors & Teachers

Our friendly private native English tutors are mature, experienced native English speakers and teach varied and interesting lessons. They have extensive knowledge of specialised topics such as IELTS exam, TOEFL testing, Pronunciation, Accent Reduction, Intonation, Grammar and Business Presentation Skills.


Business Skills Coaching

Communicate Clearly in English

English is the language of global business. Being able to communicate clearly in English at work is an essential skill these days.
  • Are you a local Hong Kong citizen who has to deal with foreign clients?
  • A foreign executive relocated to Hong Kong?
Our one-to-one coaching can help you speak and write in English with ease. We will propel your business communication skills to the next level to make your work life easier and your social life more enjoyable.

Learn to develop fluency, extend vocabulary, enhance pronunciation, improve sentence structure and organisation and build confidence for effective English communication skills at work or socially.

Our Teaching Methods

We use state-of-the-art interactive coaching techniques based upon real life situations specific for your industry e.g. Investment Banking, Public Relations, Insurance or Fashion/Apparel. Our customised courses are practice based and focus on English communication skills development.

Our Expert Business Trainers

All our trainers are friendly, experienced native speakers. We will help you develop your English Communication Skills to the next level: Presentation Skills, Negotiation Skills, Meeting Skills, Business Writing and Work-Related Socialising.

HKEnglish.com’s Quality Courses will help you improve your English quickly and effectively. Extend your English vocabulary and write with correct grammar. Speak fluently and accurately with confidence. We offer a wide range of topics and since this is private tuition we will customise these for you. The best thing is that all our tutors are experienced in teaching local Hong Kong Chinese students as well as foreigners from European countries such as France, Italy and Germany.

Being able to communicate effectively in English is of paramount importance these days. Hong Kong is a multi-cultural city and a global financial centre. With so many multinational companies having headquarters here your career depends upon it!

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Business English Courses
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English Exams Courses
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English Writing
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English CV & Resume Writing Service in Hong Kong


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