Cambridge Advanced Examination (CAE) Course in Hong Kong


After this course you will be

Prepared for the taking the CAE examination with confidence and get the exam score you want.

Course Code : CAE101 HK
Class Location: Hong Kong

About the Cambridge Advanced Certificate in English (CAE) Exam HK

The CAE exam is very high level English qualification showing the certificate holders advanced English ability. It is a pre-requisite for admission to many British university courses. It has been developed by The University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations Board.

The exam consists of five papers:

  • Reading Test

    - There are 34 questions and the test takes 1 hour and 15 minutes. A range of texts are used including magazine articles, book extracts and newspaper clippings. This paper is designed to test the candidates skill in understanding opinions, organisation and main ideas.

  • Writing Test

    - Consists of 2 papers and lasts 1 hour 30 minutes. Paper 1 has one task the where candidate has to write a common text form such as a letter, or report of 150 words. Paper 2 consists of 5 questions and the candidate can choose only one. The writing test is designed to test the candidates skill in writing cohesively and use a range of complex grammatical structures and extended vocabulary as well as using the correct tone and register.

  • Speaking Test

    - This lasts 15 minutes and two candidates are examined in a small group setting with the CAE examiner. There are a range of speaking activities including personal introductions, expressing opinions and structured task conversation.

  • Listening Test

    - There are 4 papers and the test takes 40 minutes. Various types of questions are included: matching items together, multiple-choice and completing sentences. The ability to grasp the overall meaning and understand detailed information as well as the opinions of the speakers.

  • Use of English = This lasts one hour with 50 questions in 5 sections. Several question types are used to test the candidates skill in using advanced English vocabulary and structures.

The aim of this CAE Course is to quickly improve your exam skills before you take the examination in each of the 5 test papers: Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing and Use of English. It will also extend your English standard generally.

This is a one on one course with an expert native HK English tutor to prepare you for the examination quickly and efficiently.

Expert Native English Tutors based in Hong Kong

Your CAE expert tutor will give help, feedback, tips and guidance on the papers that you want to improve most in order for you to get maximum scores in each of the test papers.

Test Class Materials

The course uses professional customised teaching materials as well as text books. You are encouraged to bring in essays that you have written as materials for use within the course. Regular homework will be set with detailed marking, analysis and feedback

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