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The FCE exam (First Certificate in English) is an ideal qualification for proficient users of English who want to use more complex English effectively for study, socially or in the workplace. The exam is administered by the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations department.

The course is designed for upper-intermediate users of English to enable them to use English at a more advanced level. After this exam you will be able to converse fluently on a range of topics and express your opinions as well as argue your point of view. You will also be able to write complex texts and express your opinions to successfully convince your readers of the advantages and disadvantages of a wide range of topics. Additionally, you will be able to understand complicated reading passages and extract the main and sub-ideas from the text.

Preparing properly before your examination will ensure you get a good grade quickly. Our course will give exact methods and teach you the English skills needed so that you can understand what type of questions to expect and how to score the highest mark in each paper. The course will also increase your general English level.

Our one to one private tuition is the easiest method to improve your English quickly. You will get 100% attention from the teacher and instant feedback on how to improve. A one hour class is like 20 hours in a group class!

Cambridge University FCE Exam Course Code FCE10 HK

This intensive customised course (based in Hong Kong) focuses on the five papers to prepare you quickly.


Speaking practice for you to be able to handle four parts of the speaking test. It is a small group test with at least one other candidate and examines your ability to interact effectively in spoken English with the examiner and the other candidates as well as express yourself. You have to answer personal questions, comment on a photograph and also discuss a complex topic.


Identifying main ideas, specific information, using questions as guides, finding the opinion of the speakers, and practicing FCE style listening exercises which includes radio news programmes, stories and public speeches.


Develops your reading comprehension skills and strategies for finding the main ideas in a passage, matching headings with paragraphs, skimming & scanning for specific information, identifying facts & opinions, writing summaries. The texts come from both fiction and non-fiction sources including newspapers and magazines.


Focuses on developing your writing skills, including expressing your opinion and argumentative style essays as well as paraphrasing and organisation. Grammar and style are also included. The course includes extended practice writing exercises with personal feedback.

Use of English:

This part of the FCE examination tests your abilities in grammar and vocabulary. there are four parts including word formation exercises, gap filling and multiple choice

Expert Native English Tutors & Teachers - in Hong Kong

The FCE expert tutor will give help, feedback, tips and guidance on the papers that you want to improve most in order for you to get maximum scores in each of the test papers. FCE Extra Course Features

Homework & In-Depth Feedback on your FCE essays:

In order to speed up your progress in class, regular homework will be given and marked by the tutor with relevant feedback on English grammar, style, cohesion and vocabulary use.You can also email your essays to the tutor to save time.

Flexible FCE LessonTimes

We offer flexible class times, friendly, experienced tutors and a convenient tutorial centre location in Hong Kong (next the the HK Island MTR line in Wanchai). We understand your busy Hong Kong schedule as well so we also offer make up classes as well as email submission of homework.

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Extended FCE Practice Lessons in Hong Kong (HK)

We also run longer FCE preparation courses that last over two or three months.

The Advantage

Customised courses * Individual tuition
Skilled native English tutors
Effective Exam practice * Fast results
Flexible time schedules * Make up classes
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