Advanced English Conversation Course

Course Code: SocAdv 10 HK
Locations: Hong Kong Island
The Advanced Social English Course is designed to improve your English fluency and accuracy in diverse social situations - formal and informal. Apart from everyday English (dinners, parties, receptions etc).

it will allow you to use more complex language structures to discuss current topical issues. A wider understanding and correct use of sophisticated vocabulary, idioms, slang and British humour is included. You will be able to participate in conversations with confidence.
In addition to speaking the course will develop your listening skills to enable you to more easily follow what other foreign speakers are saying.

This is a one-to-one course customised to your actual needs. Your private English tutor will assess your current speaking and listening skills and discuss you learning objectives with you. The teacher will then design a syllabus tailored to your needs to improve on the areas where you need most attention.

Your teacher will give instant help, feedback and guidance as well as refining your English pronunciation. The course is suitable for all nationalities including local Hong Kong citizens as well as foreign national expatriates from Asia, Europe, South America etc who have relocated to Hong Kong.
The course is designed to quickly develop advanced conversation skills English and enable you to communicate at a high level clearly and effectively.

The course uses's own professional customised teaching materials as well as text books and video resources.

The Advanced Social and Conversational English course is held at our conveniently located office in Central Hong Kong. We also hold regular Presentation Skills Training Workshops in other Asian countries. Email Us for more information & Schedules

Sample Topics in your Customised Syllabus

  • Pronunciation Assessment
  • Asking complex and rhetorical questions
  • Expressing opinions
  • Expressing arguments and disagreeing politely
  • Showing enthusiasm
  • Inferring meaning
  • Give advice on purchases
  • Rephrase and summarise information to check meaning
  • Comparing and contrasting
  • Discussing topical local and global issues
  • Develop complex vocabulary and sentence structures
  • Pronunciation and intonation
  • Effective listening techniques
  • English body language & culture
  • After this course you will be able to
  • Effectively and confidently participate at an advanced level in conversations and friendly discussions in English with foreigners.


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