Advanced Business English Course

After this course you will be able to: Feel relaxed and confident when communicating in fluent English at an advanced level using complex vocabulary, grammatical structures and industry related jargon.

Course Code : BEA10 HK

Business English Course Locations: Hong Kong

Being able to give communicate effectively in English is a skill that affects not only business decisions but also your career and social success. The top leaders in business and government today are all powerful communicators. Being able to deliver effective messages in English, whether written or spoken, is a skill that every senior manager, director, senior executive and CEO needs.

Aims of this course

The aim of this course is to enable participants communicate in English effectively and powerfully in business or government. This course is aimed at senior business professionals, managers and executives who wish to extend their English communication skills to the next level. It extends and perfects your understanding of written and spoken English usage in both professional and social situations.

Tutoring Methods

This is a one-to-one training course customised to your actual learning needs. You already have some business English skills also we start by analysing your current skill set and discuss with you your learning objectives i.e. what YOU want to achieve at the end of the course. We then design a customised lesson plan to develop on the areas where you want most attention so that you can make quick progress and be able to communicate in English clearly with confidence.

Experienced Private Tutors

Your Native English trainer will give help, feedback and guidance in all skill areas and you will be encouraged to develop your business English skills focusing on your actual job and industry - for example investment or banking, financial services or insurance.

Teaching Materials

We use’s own teaching resources along with text books and videos. You can also bring along your own emails, reports, presentations etc to the sessions. We can also proofread and edit important presentations, public speeches and other urgent documents for you.

Class Venue

The Advanced Business English course is held at our conveniently located office in Central Hong Kong (MTR: HK Island Line).

Advanced Business English Course Syllabus

Sample Areas Included in your Customised Syllabus below: (Note: the exact topics taught depend on your own learning needs)

  • Meeting & Presentation Skills
  • Managing people effectively in English
  • Socializing in English
  • Advanced business writing - emails and business reports
  • Planning projects in English
  • Pronunciation & Intonation
  • Negotiation skills
  • Advanced English tools
  • Dealing with questions and difficult people n English
  • Industry specific vocabulary development
  • Specialist Financial Industry Experienced Teachers
  • Listening skills for teleconferences and telephone meetings
  • English for business travel
  • Participating in conferences and large meetings

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