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Business Writing Skills Training

Learn How To Write Professional Business Documents; The focus of this course is on teaching you how to write Clearly, Concisely and Correctly.

Course Code : BEW10 HK (Hong Kong)

Aims of this Course

The aim of this business writing course is to enable you to learn how to write clear, effective business emails, reports, memos, letters etc in English, as well as building your English grammar and Business English vocabulary.

You will learn how to organise documents logically and write clearly in Plain English so that your readers can understand and appreciate your meaning easily.

Teaching Methods

This is a one on one course. Your tutor will discuss in depth what your learning needs are. Next, the tutor will test your English level at the start of the course to find our your weaknesses. Finally they will will create a teaching plan tailored to your English proficiency and your learning goals.

The plan is flexible and you may change direction at any time during the course. We do not stick to a fixed syllabus as we know that every student is different.

Teaching Materials

The Business English Writing Course (Code BEW-10HK) course uses our own teaching materials , text books and videos. You are encouraged to bring in your own business emails, reports or other English documents as materials for use within the course.

Native Business English Tutors

HKEnglish employs only the most experienced teachers. They are internationally qualified (many have Cambridge University / RSA qualifications) and will give you immediate feedback on your writing with correction and methods for improvement. Regular homework assignments are set with detailed analysis of errors and how to improve your writing.

Written Business English Course Syllabus

Organisation Of Business Documents

  • Layout and format of modern business English documents
  • Organisation and structure of business documents
  • Business Email structure
  • Sentence Structure
  • Topic Sentences
  • Paragraphing for clarity
  • Using lists, bullet points and headings

Better Business Writing

  • Understanding your readers
  • Formal and informal business writing style
  • Letters requesting specific information
  • Using personal pronouns and active voice to get your readers attention
  • Informational letters and sales promotion leaflets
  • Writing clear requests for action

Writing Clearly

  • Using plain English in business correspondence
  • Avoiding old-fashioned phrases, cliches and jargon
  • Shortening sentences and paragraphs for clarity
  • Reducing total word count to save readers time & improve understanding

Business English Grammar

  • Common grammar errors in business writing
  • How to avoid common mistakes
  • English tenses revision - Present, past and future & their variants
  • Prepositions, Articles and Modal verbs
  • Passive Voice for Business report writing

Business English Document Types

  • Writing Emails
  • Writing Business Reports (Technical, Investment, Proposals)
  • Business Letters: Internal & External
  • Writing Sales l& marketing letters
  • Writing Meeting Minutes & agendas
  • Writing Internal Memos for requests, information
  • Customer Service Letters & Announcements
  • Creative Writing & Advertising Copy
  • Corporate Communications: Writing Press Releases & Invitations for conferences and functions
  • Engaging Writing for Social Media: Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter
  • Website Page / Home Page writing style & Search Engine Optimisations

Business English Writing Workshop / Seminar Venue

The course is held at our Wanchai Training Centre next to the MTR (HK Island Line). Its just 5 minutes away from Hong Kong Station and Causeway Bay and ten minutes from Kowloon.

How to Apply

Simply Email Us for more information and class times

Business English Writing Course Schedule

We will arrange your lesson schedule with your personal writing turot who will stay with you for the duration of the course.

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