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After this course you will

: Be able to write clear, well organised, concise and correct business English emails.

Course Code : BEW10 HK (Hong Kong)

Email is the most used form of business communication today. Being able to write clear and easily understood email messages is essential in Hong Kong’s fast-[aced and competitive business environment. By taking this course you will be more confident with your English writing and be able to write emails more effectively.

Aims of the Course

You will learn how to write clear, effective business emails in English, and improve your English grammar and English vocabulary. You will be able to write clear, concise and grammatically correct emails that are well organised and easy to read.

Teaching Methods

At the beginning of the course your tutor will discuss what you want to learn and why. After that they will test your English grammar and writing to discover your strengths and weaknesses. The next step is to create a syllabus especially for you.

Since this is

one-to-one tuition

here is total flexibility in the course and you may select whichever topics you want to improve most. For instance you may wish to work on formal business emails and combine this with social English or pronunciation.
At HKEnglish the course is not set in stone!

Teaching Materials

This course uses our own materials and text books to help you improve your email writing skills quickly and effectively. It helps if you can bring along samples of your own emails for analysis by the teacher and for use in the classes.

Native English Tutors

All our Business Writing Teachers are mature, experienced native ENglish speakers. A lot of them have worked in business for many years and understand what problems people face with writing business documents when working under pressure.

Written Business English Course Syllabus

  • Business Email language and structure
  • Formal and informal business emails
  • Opening and Closing
  • Clear and Logical Organisation
  • Internal Messages
  • Informational emails
  • Arranging meetings
  • Inquiries and agreeing trading terms
  • Negotiating projects
  • Using plain English in business
  • Linking words
  • Being direct and indirect for best effect
  • Business Grammar and industry specific vocabulary

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