Public Speaking Course Hong Kong


After this course you will be able to
Feel relaxed and confident when giving Public Speeches and enhance your interpersonal communication skills.

Course Code : PS10 HK

Course Locations: Hong Kong Island

Being able to give effective Public Speeches in English with confidence is a wonderful skill to have. Barak Obama is perhaps the world’s most famous public speaker currently. But i can take years of practice to master this skill on your own. Study with HKEnglish and improve your speaking skills quickly and effectively,

Experienced Public Speaking Trainers

All of our Public Speech trainers are experienced, native English speakers who work with you to develop your skills and ensure that you can perform your best

Training Methods

We use a one-to-one executive coaching style of training to give you the most effective training possible. We will start out with a pronunciation test to ensure that you have the perfect voice for giving your speech. We will help you plan and prepare your script for your talk and refine the English vocabulary and correct the English grammar. Most of the course is taken up with practice public speaking sessions and detailed feedback for improvement. We use video feedback extensively so you can see how you are performing in order to further improve.

Course Materials

The materials we use depend on the type of talk you are giving. We have a wide variety of customised materials to use.

Public Speaking Course Syllabus

(Note: we will work closely to ensure that your learning needs are met and the topics below are only a suggested outline).

  • Understanding your audience and their needs
  • Using the correct language
  • Use of voice and word stress
  • Projecting your image
  • Non verbal communication and body language
  • Planning and preparing your script
  • Practice sessions with instant, detailed feedback
  • Powerful opening sentences
  • When to use humour and when to avoid it
  • Strategies for reducing nervousness and fear of public speaking
  • Winning strategies for public speaking success
  • Effective closings
  • Handling your audience
  • The Art of Public Speaking
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Top Ten Public Speaking Tips
  • Vocabulary & Grammar Improvement

This course uses video feedback but we understand if you don’t like to be videoed. Confidentiality is assured .

Public Speaking Training Workshop

: suitable for all types of speech including:

  • Impromptu Talks
  • Professional Association Speeches
  • Master of Ceremony speeches
  • After dinner speeches
  • Wedding Speeches
  • Company Dinners and Presentation Ceremonies
  • Public Speaking Competitions

Business Presentation & Negotiation Skills Training

We also offer Business Presentation Skills Courses and Negotiation Skills Training workshops designed to focus more on business type presentations (Sales, product launches etc).

Corporate Presentation Skills Training

We also run Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Courses for key staff and executives with our intensive high quality company "in-house" staff & management leadership training programs held in Hong Kong and throughout Asia. For more details about our Corporate Training & Development Courses, Seminars and Services please Email Us

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